Naked Florida man with machete tries to steal another man’s clothes

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A machete-wielding, berry-picking naked man in Florida was arrested after attempting to rob another man of his clothes, wallet and phone.

Deputies were called by the victim, after he was approached by the nude man who was carrying “a large machete-style knife,” the Volusia Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

The man told cops the suspect was picking berries in the woods, then rushed out of the bush with the machete and demanded he hand over his belongings — including the clothes he was wearing.

The victim began to comply when the suspect “hurled the machete at him along with a handful of palmetto berries.”

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Naked armed robbery suspect arrested: 8/8/22

NAKED SUSPECT IN ARMED ROBBERY ATTEMPT ARRESTED AT DELAND GAS STATION A naked suspect who threw a machete at a surveyor and tried to rob him of his clothes was taken into custody at a DeLand gas station on Monday after approaching several passing vehicles. Deputies responded to an area across from the Volusia County Fairgrounds shortly before 10 a.m. Monday after the surveyor reported a naked man approached him while carrying a large machete-style knife. The victim said the suspect was picking palmetto berries in the woods, but eventually came running out of the brush brandishing the machete and demanding his clothes, wallet and phone. As the victim began to comply with the demands, he said the suspect hurled the machete at him along with a handful of palmetto berries. The handle of the machete bounced off the victim’s chest, and he wasn’t injured. The suspect took off into the brush and got into a white Dodge Challenger. Meanwhile, a responding deputy recognized the circumstances and suspect description were similar to an August 2021 call involving Brandon Wright running around naked in

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