10 Must-Have Products From Flower Beauty

Drew Barrymore took her platform to make a cruelty-free beauty line with the quality that makeup artists love.

Years ago Drew Barrymore launched Flower Beauty by Drew, she wanted to use her platform to create a beauty line that is cruelty-free, affordable and of the same quality that makeup-artists love.

Barrymore now has her own talk show, and she still uses her own products to get camera ready – that is how much she believes in her products. The line has started to make many vegan products, but everything this 100% cruelty-free.

Flower has become very well known for their nail polishes, their super powerful lipstick and high-quality mascara for the drug-store price. Among these viral products, are more and they continue to take customer feedback and make updates along the way.

Check out these 10 viral products by Flower Beauty By Drew.


10 Petal Play Shadow Quad

Aren’t you tired of having a big palette with a bunch of colors that you don’t know or ever use? Get a simple quad of colors that blend perfectly together. Your options range from nudes and browns to pinks, purples and oranges.

Get the perfect pop of color for your eyes, the brand claims these colors are crease free so you can get a buildable and long-lasting pop.

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9 Jet Set Invisible Powder Spray

Get the matte look all summer long with this spray-on powder, for every time you feel a little bit shiny, simply spray it on. Sometimes reapplying a powder can be a lot of work, you have to navigate the powder around your bronzer and blush – cause you just want a touch-up, not a re-do.

The spray gives you a matte reapplication,

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10 Summer Aesthetics To Inspire Your Outfits

August is here, and summer fashion is in full swing. While there are a lot of ways to get dressed up this summer, there are some specific aesthetics that so far are truly defining summer looks.

Some looks have been around and thriving this summer, such as athleisure and psychedelic prints trendy, and others are emerging with summer lifestyles like music festival looks and the coastal vibe.

Get some inspiration for your summer wardrobe by checking out these trending aesthetics to switch things up. From the beach to working from home, there is something for everyone in these 10 aesthetics.


10 Coastal

The coastal look is truly inspired by Diane Keaton in any film staring her along the coast. To get this look you need white linen pants or shorts, a button-down top, a high-neck white tank, comfy sandals and a bucket hat – at the very least.

Although there are a lot of ways to get this look, the essentials include anything linen and lots of breeze button-downs, some popular ones have been in yellow and blue and white striped. Don’t be afraid to really lean into the trend with a button-down shirt, with matching boxer shorts. This outfit is comfy and ready for any summer day.

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9 70’s Music Festival

There is a music festival almost every weekend in summer, and you know you already have tickets for some fun ones. One of the most prominent trends is digging into the 70s trend with crochet, bright colors, halter tops and mini skirts.

You can get a crochet dress, or two-piece for the occasion, or find a matching two-piece halter top with a mini skirt. Don’t forget fun accessories like satin scarves, knee-high boots and fun

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10 Clothing Items For Your Bachelorette Weekend Packing List

If your bachelorette weekend is coming up, don’t save packing for the last minute because you need to be on the hunt for some new pieces. With the evolution of bachelorette parties from one single party, to an entire weekend getaway with friends, you need a lot more all-white outfits.

You need to decide what look you are going for, do you want to look chic and stylish? Or go, full-on disco cowgirl? Your friends and maid of honor will surely bring you some fun accessories like veils and sashes so everyone knows you are a bride, but you need to have the outfits prepared.

Get your vision clear about what look you are going for on your bachelorette, then get shopping. Here are 10 bachelorette weekend packing essentials to put those looks together.


10 White Pajamas

No matter what look you are going for, this is your chance to get some cute bridal pajamas and wear them for the first time – you will have more opportunities which makes this a good investment for the wedding experience.

Decide between long or short pajamas depending on the season, but satin PJs with feathers on the end are very trendy right now. Feel luxurious when you are hanging out at the Air Bnb in your bridal PJs.

9 White Bikini & Coverup

Most bachelorette parties include something with water, so make this your time to bring that white bikini – it will also be the perfect item for your honeymoon. Choose from something versatile like a multi-way triangle top, or more of a balconette look.

Coordinate your bikini with the beach coverup to seal the deal. Investing in more than one is also not a bad idea if you want to go all out.

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10 Outfits Depending On Your Summer Plans

Fashion says a lot about who you are, but also about where you are going.

And especially in summer when there is always an event going on, the dress code is unspoken but specific. You already know when you look at your closet what you want to wear to brunch on Sunday versus the picnic you have planned next week.

Fashion speaks for the event, and it ends up contributing to the vibe. Check out these 10 outfits depending on your summer plans to embody that vibe and help you seek inspiration. You can pull pieces from your summer capsule closet,  current trends and some timeless statement pieces.


10 Going To The Beach

This year the fashion scene has been quite strong when it comes to beachy vibes and getting that always-on vacation look or the coastal look. A favorite look due to its use of comfortable items is leaning into coastal vibes with a two-piece outfit, a button-down with boxer shorts over a bikini with a bucket hat.

The more you can coordinate the colors, the better but it is absolutely not necessary.

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9 Museum Day

Maybe you want to escape the heat this summer by going to a museum, let it be your chance to finally hit up those museums in your city that you have never been but make sure you have the perfect outfit first.

You will want something flowy and comfortable as it is likely to be a long day, but of course, you want to look like someone who goes to museums more often – so arty. Try wide-leg pants with a stylish tank to match, try to match the colors for extra points. Don’t forget a chic

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