This young royal just took fashion tips from Princess Catherine

In an effort that may have been reminiscent of Princess Catherine’s style, Princess Elisabeth of Belgium sported a yellow dress and large sunhat, just as the Princess of Wales did last summer at Wimbledon. 

As much as we love to fawn over Princess Catherine’s eternally inspiring sense of style, there are plenty of other royals out there who similarly have an amazing wardrobe. From Queen Letizia of Spain and her white A-line skirt and waistcoat, to Princess Mary of Denmark’s colorful boho maxi skirt, it’s definitely true that the British royals aren’t the only ones with style. 


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Another up and coming royal fashionista is Princess Elisabeth of Belgium at 21-years-old. While attending the Deum mass in the Cathedral on July 21 in Brussels, Belgium for National Day, the young Princess donned a floor-length, gorgeous yellow gown, as well as a large, floppy straw sunhat – and we couldn’t help but think that it was totally giving Princess Catherine energy.

young royal just took fashion tips from Princess Catherine

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The Belgian royal’s yellow dress boasted classy cap sleeves, and she paired the beautiful gown with nude heels and a pair of drop earrings, as well as that huge hat of course. 

Similarly, last summer at Wimbledon, Kate Middleton wore a similar outfit, consisting of an ankle-length yellow dress

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Bella Hadid’s Best Fashion Week Runway Looks: Paris, Milan, & More

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it — Bella Hadid is without question, one of the world’s top models. Along with sister Gigi, she’s always one to watch when fashion week rolls around. She’s become famous for her head-turning street style and ever-stunning red carpet looks, but the trendsetting 25-year-old also knows how to turn a runway look into a moment.

No matter the show, or what she’s modeling, Hadid always seems to hit that catwalk as if Cheetah Girls’ “Strut” is playing in her head (IYKYK). From New York to London to Paris, all of the most notable and influential luxury brands have tapped her to debut their designs. This includes iconic fashion houses like Vivienne Westwood, Fendi, and Givenchy, as well as buzzy brands founded in the 2010s like Off-White, Coperni, and Khaite.

Whether the model is decked out in luxe couture or a fierce ready-to-wear ‘fit, she wears the clothes, not the other way around. The supermodel holds her own on the runway, making it her personal stage, walking it with total confidence. Though Hadid has taken well-publicized spills in the past, she shows no signs of intimidation when she enters the room. She walks with a certain boldness — with undeniable nerve and spunk.

With fall’s fashion month well underway, I’ve rounded up some of the most memorable runway looks from Bella Hadid’s career thus far. So, step into my fashion time machine and check out her best fashion week moments.

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This article was originally published September 1, 2022.

Miu Miu Spring 2023

Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

At Miu Miu, she donned an itty-bitty bra boasting a utilitarian design, a coordinating black skirt, and gladiator-style thong sandals. A black bag, headband, and white undergarments pulled the look together.


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Why drying clothes in the sun has sparked an online culture war between the US and Europe | Society

“This is the adorable thing about Europe, all these little countries that are like ‘look at me, I have pretty high GDP per capita,’ and then nobody actually owns a machine that makes clothing dry. It’s so cute!” This message on Twitter was written by Josh Barro, a provocative podcaster responding to graphics indicating that life expectancy in the United States is falling compared with Europe.

The Twitter thread was soon filled with responses from Europeans telling Barro that public health and gun control are more important than owning a clothes dryer. Others sent him photos of their clothes lines, along with reminders that they received free treatment for cancer or diabetes.

The use of clothes dryers in the US has become a recurring issue on Twitter. There are plenty of other tweets along these lines: “things America does better than Europe: dryers”; “Americans have big houses, dryers and a higher probability of early death, perhaps from gunshots. The French have immunity to heart problems through alcoholism.”

Five years ago, a Reddit user asked non-Americans what all Americans should know. One of the answers, which says “Electric dryers are nowhere near as common as in the States,” resulted in a still-active thread with more than 7,000 comments. A Canadian confessed that he had never met anyone who had a washing machine but not a dryer. One American expressed his surprise: “I don’t understand how you could not have an electric dryer. What if you want to do laundry, and it’s raining outside? What if you want to do laundry quickly? Living in other countries must suck.”

The White House laundry room. On the wall hangs a calendar for April 1909.
The White House laundry room. On the wall hangs a calendar for April (SHORPY)

The Reddit thread also gave rise to several clashes, with European social media users blaming high energy spending

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How To Hide Even The Worst Tan Lines, According To Makeup Pros

You’ve been having a wonderful summer in the great outdoors, and now you’ve gotten an invitation to an event that calls for something skimpy and slinky. But when you start getting dressed, you notice vast swaths of previously covered-up skin that stand out in blinding contrast to your more tanned bits. Perhaps, right as you’re strapping on a lovely new pair of sandals, you see a line where your socks end. Or maybe your face has pale sections left that sunglasses and ball caps once shielded. And, oh, how those spaghetti straps show off your white shoulders and tanned forearms, with a short-sleeve DMZ separating them.

What can you do — fast — to fix the situation, and how can you avoid it in the future? Our experts are here to help. And, as it turns out, they’ve felt your pain.

“I live in Australia, so there are lots of very harsh tan lines on people here,” saidMichelle Wong, the cosmetic chemist behind the popular blog Lab Muffin. “When I was in school, I always had a sock tan. And I’ve also had some really strong tan lines in summer where I’ve forgotten to reapply sunscreen.”

“I’ve experienced farmer’s tans personally, and I’ve seen prominent tan lines on models that I’ve had to correct during photo shoots,” said celebrity makeup artistJamie Dorman. “It’s a problem that can be hard to fix in post-production and can be even more glaring in photos.”

Even if you’ve managed to escape a farmer’s tan personally, tan lines can still happen to those you love. “I tell my husband  to wear his SPF and reapply, but after a day of sun exposure in the backyard or on the boat, he has a noticeable tan line on his lower neck

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Social media reaction to Johnny Depp Dior Sauvage campaign

Watch: Johnny Depp reportedly signs new seven-figure deal with Dior

Johnny Depp has returned as the face of Dior’s Sauvage scent after winning his defamation suit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

The French fashion house shared a series of photos to Instagram on Monday, featuring monotone stills of johnnydepp/” data-ylk=”slk:the actor and musician” class=”link “the actor and musician, 59, before he joined Jeff Beck on stage in Paris, as well as a video of him talking about the cologne.

Depp began his collaboration with Dior back in 2015 and continued it throughout his divorce from Amber Heard. Dior paused airing the Sauvage commercial on TV when accusations of domestic violence circulated but it doesn’t seem that the brand ever completely dropped the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

At the time, the move was seen as controversial by some, with calls from the public for Depp to be removed as a Dior ambassador. But since his win at the defamation trial against Heard in the US in June, the actor’s now firmly back in the Dior fold and his ads are airing again. There are reports swirling that he’s signed a seven-figure deal with the luxury label.

Fans have largely responded positively to the partnership’s revival. “This is awesome news!” commented one Instagram user one of posts shared by Dior Beauty.

Others commented, “Good to see Johnny back!”, “What a come back story!” and “we love you forever”.

Another said, “Well Johnny, it’s wonderful to see you have found your inner tranquility. It’s all in your smile! Welcome back beautiful man!”

Read more: Johnny Depp makes out of court settlement with crew member who accused him of assault

Johnny Depp. (Getty Images)

Johnny Depp is back officially as the face of Dior Sauvage. (Getty Images)

Many more also flooded

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