Makeup artist uses glue stick for popular eyebrow hack and immediately regrets it: ‘Mortified’

This week, one woman is reminding people of why some TikTok beauty trends just aren’t worth the hassle after she unexpectedly embarrassed herself at a local bowling alley.

According to Chloe (@_chloe_michaela_), the 21-year-old makeup artist recently used a glue stick to help shape her eyebrows. Though that might sound a bit random, the trend has actually become increasingly popular on TikTok as a way to hold each hair in place and create the look of shiny, smooth brows. It apparently works as a simple (and cheaper) alternative to using brow gels or opting for eyebrow lamination.

“Drag queens and other stage performers have used this method for years,” the experts at L’Oréal Paris explained in a recent blog post, “so while it seems a little unorthodox, trust that it’s the best tool for the job.”

The only problem? While Chloe’s glue stick may have dried clear, she didn’t realize its ingredients would make her brows glow in the dark under certain lighting conditions.

“Just a reminder to not go to a bowling alley where there’s UV lights when you’ve used a glue stick to glue down your eyebrows,” she says in the now-viral clip.

“‘Cause this is why,” she continues, before cutting to a video of herself at said bowling alley.

In the second clip, Chloe’s eyebrows are literally glowing in the dark, which clearly was not her intention. And while it’s unclear what fellow bowlers thought of her luminescent brows, it’s obvious that she was pretty mortified by the whole thing.

“I can’t believe I was seen out in public like this,” she wrote in the post caption.

But over in the comments section, people couldn’t stop laughing.

“Omg how funny,” wrote one person — to which Chloe replied, “Never gluing my

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