Fashion guru shares seasonal trends to look out for

TikToker shares fashion tips for spring.
TikToker gives spring fashion advice.
Pic credit: @madelinehagmann/TikTok

Are you prepared to dress confidently during the upcoming spring season of 2024?

Spring is always usually a fun season for fashionistas because it’s when the weather starts warming up.

The transition from winter to summer gives people a chance to play up their wardrobe.

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After wearing layers of cozy clothing from December until February, there’s more to experiment with between March and May.

Fashion guru and TikToker @MadelineHagmann shared a video breaking down some of her best style advice.

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Here’s what Madeline says about preparing yourself and your closet for Spring 2024.

Madeline says the first staple you should add to your wardrobe is A-line midi skirts with fuller and more billowy shapes.

She added two photos of models wearing this skirt style to drive the point home.

The skirts look casual enough to wear while running errands, but they’re classy enough to wear on date nights.

Madeline suggests wearing this skirt style with ballet flats as your chosen shoes.

While it’s perfectly fine to wear sneakers or heels with them, she definitely believes ballet flats are the best way to go.

She notes that wearing your A-line midi skirt as a low-rise skirt that stops over your hip bones is a great idea if you’re comfortable wearing crop tops.

Next up, Madeline suggests filling your closet with graphic design T-shirts. She says they can be super pleasant and rewarding in unexpected ways.

The best thing about graphic design T-shirts is that they’re covered in logos, quotes, TV show

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