Gucci Hortus Deliciarum and more

This August, the world of high and fine jewellery delivered some truly spectacular sparkles. Some dedicated to a favourite flower; some, a favourite number; and others, still, in deference to the genre’s favourite well of reference, anchored their stones and gems in the image of nature and all of its wonders.

Names of the Rose

A rose by any other name . . . well, you can complete that oft-quoted Shakespearean line. But Christian Dior’s affinity for this specific flower is prolific. Kim Jones’ Dior Jardin capsule, as well as the house’s multitude of rose-scented lotions and potions stand abloom in evidence. The Rose Dior Couture jewellery line-up unfurls this season alongside the rest of Victoire de Castellane’s creations — Bois de Rose, Rose Dior Bagatelle and Rose Dior Pré Catelan — in homage to the thorny bloom. All exercises in transfiguration, the nine-count pieces in Rose Dior Couture, which encompass delicate necklaces, stud earrings and rings that spiral into rosebuds caught mid-bloom, immortalise such fleeting ephemerality with scores of rose gold, white gold and pinpricks of diamonds.


With water came wine and with the prowess of the artisans at Tiffany & Co. came a high-shine titanium wreath cobblestone-studded through with more than 8,000 pavé diamonds. So whatever sins Kendrick Lamar bore with this crown of thorns he (and long-time creative collaboration Dave Free) commissioned specifically for his Glastonbury performance, they must’ve been of the fun, insouciant and very cool kind.

Spirited Away

Louis Vuitton’s 125-piece Spirit collection captures the spirit of, you guessed it, the LV woman with five rarefied themes — Liberty, Grace, Fantasy, Radiance and Destiny — said to be infused

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