These Are The Best Times to Buy Linens, Furniture, and More at a Discount

Directly Above Shot Of Dog Sleeping On Bed By Plant On Floor At Home

Directly Above Shot Of Dog Sleeping On Bed By Plant On Floor At Home

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The holiday season isn’t the only time of year when items fly off the shelves at rock-bottom prices. Knowing the right time to shop for specific products and categories of items can be the key to saving lots of money. Several factors can affect the price of certain items—like store location, seasonal availability, inventory, and stock for clearance—so some sales are less predictable than others.

However, retailers often follow well-established trends when offering discounts at certain times of the year. Whether it’s the post-holiday deals, like January’s annual white sales for linens and housewares, or the outdoor and garden goods that get discounted in the fall. With careful planning, you can save money in the long run by looking for sales that pop up at predictable points throughout the year.

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Home Textiles

Bedding, carpets, and linens traditionally go on sale in January. These are often called “white sales.” Tablecloths, towels, and household linens go on sale to clear out excess stock and make room for new designs for the upcoming year. Some department stores also hold “white sales” in July, so keep an eye out for that alternative.


After the holiday season ends in December, retailers are eager to clear out last year’s electronics before releasing new products. So, the best time to purchase electronics and office software is early in the year.

According to Bankrate, TVs tend to go on sale before the Super Bowl, in January or early February. Tax software and prep tend to go on sale in March, before the filing deadline in April. Desktops, tablets, phones, computer monitors, digital cameras,

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