Lexington jewelry store still searching for thieves

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — It’s been months and a Lexington couple is still desperate for information about the team of thieves behind a late October jewelry heist at their Beaumont store.

Almaza Fine Jewelry was nearly cleaned out by at least three people carrying a saw, a hammer, and a wireless interference device.

After six months and still no leads or arrests in the massive jewelry heist at the family owned Beaumont store. Given the sophistication behind this burglary, and the lack of leads, Lexington police are wondering if the crooks are even from Lexington.

“It was very horrific, very scary, we’re still scared when we come in the store,” said Maysoon Dabbain.

Dabbain still can’t shake the fear that followed after the midnight phone call from her security company on Oct. 26.

“To our surprise, the cases were all smashed, jewelry was taken,” Dabbain said.

While detectives worked the scene, the Dabbains tried rolling back their surveillance cameras for a look at how the crime played out. They tried for hours with no luck accessing it.

“When we went home and started searching the cameras and looking at cameras and stuff, we saw they had a device,” Dabbain said.

Lexington police said the thieves brought with them a saw to cut a hole in the back door, a hammer to bust the display glass and a cellphone jammer that temporarily disabled access to the cameras that night.

“We have security doors, cameras, we have alarms everywhere but still,” Dabbain said. “They took rings, bracelets, necklaces, heavy stuff.

All gold, sold by the gram, and the losses are still being totaled — so far, over $250,000.

The October heist did cause the Dabbains to change the way they protect their jewels. They’ve invested in bigger backroom safes and don’t

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2 more suspects wanted in violent NYC $500K jewelry robbery

The NYPD is searching for two additional suspects in connection to a violent armed robbery where police said $500,000 in jewelry was stolen from a Queens location.

According to police, the two suspects acted in concert with the two other suspects.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

It happened Wednesday around 2:30 p.m. at Diamonds by Direct in Flushing.

Police said the two original suspects entered the jewelry store and once inside, kicked and struck a 79-year-old female employee in the head with a handgun. 

Police are searching for two men they said stole around $500,000 in jewelry from a Queens location. (NYPD)

The men removed around $500,000 in jewelry before fleeing. They were last seen driving in a black Mercedes sedan.

Police said the two men entered the jewelry store and once inside, kicked and struck a 79-year-old female employee in the head with a handgun. (NYPD)

The victim was taken to New York Hospital Queens and is in stable condition.

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5 Expert-Approved Tips On How To Safely Travel With Fine Jewelry

Packing is one of the biggest thorns when it comes to planning a trip—especially trying to pack the little things like accessories and jewelry. It can be tempting to just throw your extra earrings and necklaces into your cosmetic bag and call it a day but a little pre-planning will help keep your jewelry safe and in great shape while abroad.

If you’re planning to bring your fine jewelry or special pieces with you on your next trip, you’ll want to read on. We spoke to fine jewelry designer Easter Ahn-Lee, the founder of Easter Ahn Design, to get her best tips on exactly what to do (and what not to do) when traveling with our best jewelry and accessories:

Wear It

According to Easter Ahn-Lee, the absolute best way to travel with your jewelry is to wear it. Having your jewelry exactly where you can see it—or, in this case, feel it—is by far the safest way to keep your everyday jewelry secure while on the go.

Use Resealable Bags

“When traveling with statement pieces or jewelry that you don’t wear on a daily basis, it is best to pack each piece separately with bags or pouches, and then store them in a travel jewelry box,” says Ahn-Lee. “Small plastic sealable baggies are an inexpensive way to store your jewelry, and keep chains from getting tangled and pieces from scratching each other.”

Bring a Travel Jewelry Box

If you have a lot of rings or other smaller pieces of jewelry, Ahn-Lee suggests investing in a travel jewelry box. “A travel jewelry box is a great way to keep your jewelry safe and organized,” she says. “A jewelry case should have an area for earrings to be held, places to hold your chains

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Sales Techniques for Jewelry | Small Business

By Updated August 07, 2022

Whether you are selling online, in a store or at an auction, specific tips for selling jewelry can help you close the sale and get the best prices for your pieces. Buying jewelry is an emotional time for some people, especially when it comes to jewelry related to weddings. You’ll often be handling sensitivities among your customers. Developing good sales techniques for jewelry is essential for success.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a jeweler or selling your unworn jewelry online, sales techniques help. Before you start selling, ask yourself some questions about your items to help determine how and where to sell your items. When done the right way, selling jewelry can be a worthwhile endeavor.

Jewelry Salesperson Job Description

A jewelry salesperson is responsible for greeting customers, helping them find the perfect piece of jewelry and closing the sale. Salespeople must be knowledgeable about different jewelry metals, gemstones and styles to best assist their customers. They must also be able to work under pressure and meet sales goals. A successful jewelry salesperson is patient, personable, and has excellent customer service skills. ZipRecruiter points out that hiring managers in this field often look for soft skills such as a positive outlook, active listening, and the ability to read a situation.

According to Indeed, the average jewelry salesperson salary is ​$46,595​ per year. Salespeople who work on commission can earn significantly more, depending on their sales ability, customer base and location. The top earners in this field make over ​$100,000​ per year. Sales skills, people skills and the ability to close a sale are necessary.

Tips for Selling Jewelry

One critical tip for selling jewelry is to take pictures of your jewelry from different angles. This range of photos

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How to Keep Your Jewelry From Tangling While Traveling

One of the biggest packing nightmares is trying to pack pesky, tangle-prone jewelry items. While it would be a shame to leave your favorite baubles at home, sometimes it feels impossible to keep these pieces neat inside your suitcase.

There are a few clever packing hacks from brilliant DIYers on the internet (namely, Pinterest) for keeping your jewelry mess-free, no matter what state your bag may be in.

Store small jewelry in pill compartments.

If you have rings, stud earrings, or other tiny pieces that could easily be lost, grab yourself a used pill case or even a simple child-proof ibuprofen container. The secure, plastic cases are perfect for enclosing your small jewelry items so they’re safe and sound. Plus, you can keep them compartmentalized so they don’t tangle or even organize them by which outfit you’re planning to wear each day.


Use plastic wrap to organize necklaces.

Plastic wrap is perfect for individually sealing your necklaces so they don’t get knotted and caught up in one another. When you’re ready to wear an item, just pull apart the wrapping and reseal it again afterward to keep it neat.

Thread necklaces through straws to keep them from tangling.

Another way to keep those chains from getting tangled: Use a drinking straw to keep them stiff and organized. Simply thread one end of the chain through the straw, close up the necklace, then pack your jewelry items as normal. When you go to grab for a neck accessory, you won’t have to worry about picking apart a messy ball of chains.

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4 Tips On How To Elevate Your Look With Jewelry

Here are some tips and tricks on how to elevate your look with jewelry from the premium jewelry store, Karat World.

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From major trends to micro trends, we have seen them come and go during the pandemic. It’s the chunky and playful accessories to the minimalist jewelry we had a joy in layering. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride with jewelry but if there’s one thing for sure, wearing them gives a boost of confidence. 

It’s the feeling of being empowered that Karat World recognises and has been advocating for 30 years. A romantic timeless piece that gives a sense of empowerment to the people who wear their jewelry. With their dedication to search for the best, it is no surprise that they offer a range of trendy pieces to classic ones. And with that, they gave us some tips that can elevate your look for the day. 

Match it with your skin tone

Different metals can accentuate your skin. For those who have morena skin tones, you can’t go wrong with the classic gold for that extra glow. But if you’re leaning towards a fairer skin tone, yellow or white gold will make your skin look radiant.

Mix and match

Wearing different metals is now the modern and chic way of elevating your look. Don’t hesitate to pair your silvers and gold when you layer them or when you opt for a statement piece. 

It’s all about the neckline

When it comes to neck pieces, your neckline is your best guide. A V-neck top is best paired with a piece that follows the fall. And for square necklines, opt for a piece that falls by your collarbones. 

Consider the occasion

Jewelry has the power

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Todd Oldham Is Giving His Archive a New Life With an Assist From His Nephew Presley

Todd Oldham, the ’90s wunderkind who charmed the industry with maximalist prints and kitschy rainbow confections, is returning to fashion with a new endeavor: Todd Oldham Maker Shop. “Making things from other things” is the project’s tagline, and most of what’s coming incorporates elements from Oldham’s archive– everything from beading samples to bolts of fabrics and over a ton (yes, they weighed it) of buckles, earrings, buttons, and other metallic doodads. Todd Oldham Maker Shop launched this week with an e-commerce website offering home furnishings, clothes, and jewelry. The baubles are a collaboration with his nephew, the jewelry designer Presley Oldham.

That Todd is collaborating with his nephew should be no surprise. Todd Oldham, the brand, was a group effort, one Todd shared with his brother, the sculptor Brad Oldham, who made all the metal items in the collections. “Through all the years we were making clothes full time, we made everything, we made every textile, we hand-cast every button, it was all very special to us.” So special, that the brand never had sample sales or threw anything out. Instead, it was meticulously archived, and, after 20 or so years, Todd said, “it was really nice to open that stuff back up and be able to see it with new eyes.”

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