I have big boobs – I found 4 cute and flattering dresses on Amazon including a $30 mini

A FASHION TikTok creator says she has discovered the best Amazon dresses for bustier body types.

All of the dresses featured in Kathryn Zingone’s TikTok are under $50 and flatter curvier frames.

TikTok creator Kathryn Zingone makes hauls for fashion enthusiasts with bigger boobs


TikTok creator Kathryn Zingone makes hauls for fashion enthusiasts with bigger boobsCredit: TikTok/kattttttzingoneeee
The first dress (pictured) is available on Amazon for $34


The first dress (pictured) is available on Amazon for $34Credit: TikTok/kattttttzingoneeee

The Charleston-based digital creator often shares her fashion hauls for those with bigger chests.

In a new video uploaded in July, she spotlights clothing she bought on Amazon.

Her first look is a flowing maxi dress in punch red by R.Vivimos for $34.

Zingone paired the look with white sandals for a summer vibe.

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The second look, a tiered white maxi by Floerns, has an open back and a square neck ruffle.

The dress, which ties in the back for a fresh look, retails for $44.

The third outfit, also by Floerns, features a sweetheart puff sleeve and retails for $39.

The final look by the brand Merzhiiry is a ruffled puff-sleeved square neckline dress.

Zingone paired it with black Steve Madden cowboy boots.

The TikToker purchased all of the dresses in a size small.

She also offered bra fashion advice in the comments section of the video.

The second dress (pictured) is available on Amazon for $34 and comes in a variety of colors


The second dress (pictured) is available on Amazon for $34 and comes in a variety of colorsCredit: TikTok/kattttttzingoneeee
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The third dress (pictured) retails for $39 by the brand FloernsCredit: TikTok/kattttttzingoneeee

“The only one I’m wearing a bra w is the last one! The first I actually have

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