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A wedding gives couples a chance to shine and celebrate their love for one another. Naturally, all eyes are on the happy couple on their wedding day, and that means brides and grooms want to look their best. For those planning to wear makeup, relying on a skilled makeup artist can make a big difference in how couples look in videos and photographs.

Professional makeup artists will be acquainted with techniques that can enhance individuals’ looks on their wedding day. Makeup artists recognize which products to use to ensure a flawless face lasts all day. This person also can take the pressure off the bride having to do makeup herself, meaning the bride can sit back and relax for a half hour or more and enjoy being pampered. Techniques like lash applications, contouring and highlighting require skill, and skilled makeup professionals are well-trained in these areas.

When shopping around for makeup artists, couples with limited knowledge of what to expect can look for certain factors to help them make the most informed decision.

Professional products

There may be a stark difference between cosmetics and beauty products purchased at the drug store and the professional-grade items used by makeup artists. Professional products have been engineered for specific applications. They tend to be long-wearing and luxurious. Look for a makeup artist who uses top-notch brands.

Trial application

A bride’s vision and the makeup artist’s vision may not be one and the same. Only after a trial application can you determine if the makeup artist is able to deliver the look you desire. It’s important for a bride-to-be to go to the trial appointment with an open mind and reserve judgment until the application is complete. A professional can make suggestions on a color palette and products that will complement skin tone

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Valente Frazier’s 7 Go-To Makeup, Skincare Products

Discover your new favorite staples from this beauty expert.

Valente Frazier. Tyra Banks.<p>Valenté Frazier/Laretta Houston/Sports Illustrated</p>
Valente Frazier. Tyra Banks.

Valenté Frazier/Laretta Houston/Sports Illustrated

SI Swimsuits Beauty Boost series offers expert advice on makeup, hairstyling, fashion and all things beauty from leading professionals in the industry. This month, the series features tips from Black hair and makeup stylists who have worked on SI Swimsuit photo shoots.

It’s no secret that if you want glowing skin, the first step is a good skincare routine. But with my hectic schedule, I need it to be as quick and efficient as possible. As much as I love experimenting with makeup products, let’s face it—my cabinets could use some decluttering. Luckily, we tapped an expert in the field to tell us the best of the best of makeup and skincare: Emmy award-winning makeup artist, Valente Frazier.

With over two decades of experience in the industry, Frazier is a highly sought-after celebrity makeup artist, having worked with A-listers such as Iman, Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Angela Bassett, Ciara and even former First Lady Michelle Obama. He’s also responsible for the stunning makeup looks on Tyra Banks, Winnie Harlow, and Kelsey Merritt for the 2019 Swimsuit Issue.

When he’s not beautifying Hollywood’s elite, Frazier travels the world, serving as an international authority on makeup. From South Africa to Japan and everywhere in between, he brings his expertise to exotic locations.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into Frazier’s top seven beauty picks. These must-haves will elevate your beauty game and leave you feeling like a star.

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“I love the Supergoop! Glow Stick because it is great to use alone or underneath makeup. It yields a

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Snezana Wood hired celebrity makeup artist for daughter’s Year 12 formal

The Bachelor’s Snezana Wood hires a celebrity makeup artist to help her daughter Eve, 17, get ready for her Year 12 formal

Snezana Wood spared no expense for her 17-year-old daughter Eve’s Year 12 formal last week.

The former Bachelor star hired a celebrity makeup artist for Eve’s beauty prep, and also gave her a $4,000 Prada clutch to bring to the school dance.

She shared a gallery of photos to Instagram on Tuesday of her daughter getting ready for the event. 

The teenager was attended to by Tahlia Jayde, who lists herself online as an ‘international makeup artist’.

Hiring a top makeup artist can cost more than $125 an hour.

Snezana Wood spared no expense for her 17-year-old daughter Eve's Year 12 formal last week. The former Bachelor star hired a celebrity makeup artist for Eve's beauty prep, and also gave her a $4,000 Prada clutch to bring to the school dance

Snezana Wood spared no expense for her 17-year-old daughter Eve’s Year 12 formal last week. The former Bachelor star hired a celebrity makeup artist for Eve’s beauty prep, and also gave her a $4,000 Prada clutch to bring to the school dance 

The gallery included photos of Eve hamming it up for the camera before her formal, alongside her mother and three sisters, Charlie, Willow and Harper.

They were joined by Lizzie Waley, the CEO of Sundae Body, a brand that creates cruelty-free beauty products.

Eve, who was just nine years old when she was featured with her mother on The Bachelor in 2015, dressed to the nines for her high school formal in a glittering longline dress with white strappy sandals.

She posed for photos in the family’s living room before the big dance, which her proud mum later shared on Instagram. 

‘Last night was our little Vivi’s Year 12 formal…’ Snezana wrote in the caption.

The teenager was attended to by Tahlia Jayde (left), who lists herself online as an 'international makeup artist'. Hiring a top makeup artist can cost more than $125 an hour

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Makeup artist uses glue stick for popular eyebrow hack and immediately regrets it: ‘Mortified’

This week, one woman is reminding people of why some TikTok beauty trends just aren’t worth the hassle after she unexpectedly embarrassed herself at a local bowling alley.

According to Chloe (@_chloe_michaela_), the 21-year-old makeup artist recently used a glue stick to help shape her eyebrows. Though that might sound a bit random, the trend has actually become increasingly popular on TikTok as a way to hold each hair in place and create the look of shiny, smooth brows. It apparently works as a simple (and cheaper) alternative to using brow gels or opting for eyebrow lamination.

“Drag queens and other stage performers have used this method for years,” the experts at L’Oréal Paris explained in a recent blog post, “so while it seems a little unorthodox, trust that it’s the best tool for the job.”

The only problem? While Chloe’s glue stick may have dried clear, she didn’t realize its ingredients would make her brows glow in the dark under certain lighting conditions.

“Just a reminder to not go to a bowling alley where there’s UV lights when you’ve used a glue stick to glue down your eyebrows,” she says in the now-viral clip.

“‘Cause this is why,” she continues, before cutting to a video of herself at said bowling alley.

In the second clip, Chloe’s eyebrows are literally glowing in the dark, which clearly was not her intention. And while it’s unclear what fellow bowlers thought of her luminescent brows, it’s obvious that she was pretty mortified by the whole thing.

“I can’t believe I was seen out in public like this,” she wrote in the post caption.

But over in the comments section, people couldn’t stop laughing.

“Omg how funny,” wrote one person — to which Chloe replied, “Never gluing my

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Monochrome makeup is the seriously wearable autumn beauty trend that’s about to be huge

Monochrome makeup is having a moment. Take a look across the Insta accounts of top makeup artists and you’ll spot captions like: “Glowing Golden Bronzed Monochrome Makeup,” from the likes of Hung Vanngo, who counts Selena Gomez, JLo and Gisele as clients. Or, “Love a monochromatic look in earth tones,” from Kim K’s mua, Mario Dedivanovic. Or “Chocolate tones on the beautiful @iamalinamorozova,” from supermodel makeup artist, Nikki Makeup whose painted the faces of everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kendall Jenner, to Yara Shahidi and Shanina Shaik.

So what is monochrome makeup exactly? It’s a gently unified beauty aesthetic, with one tone, or colour family, weaving its way throughout your beauty look to make it feel more cohesive and pulled together. It’s a soft-glam look that’s co-ordinated but still feels relaxed. As for what that means in practice? Matchy-matchy lips, eyes and cheeks created with a mix of textures. The trend involves blending similar tones, like terracotta, chocolate, dusky pink, peach or buff across eyes, lips and cheeks to create uniformity. We’ve seen matte lips, cream blush, and smouldering eyes with a subtle shot of sparkle – all in the same shade. 

The big makeup artists have been teasing us with the trend for some time, but come autumn? It’s about to go stratospheric. Already the trend has over 4 million views on TikTok, but brands are also giving the look their seal of approval. Last year, Glossier gave us its Monochromes eyeshadow trios which focused on creating monochromatic dimension with three finishes (matte, metallic and satin) centred on the eyes. And for autumn 2022, Chanel has branched out with its Tone On Tone beauty collection which matches 12 brand new lipstick and nail polish shades with your skin tone. You can either go for the closest

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