Fashion Dreamer – as fun as it can be – has nothing on the 3DS’ Style Savvy

Those who love fashion simulation games as much as I do will likely remember a series for the Nintendo and 3DS known as Style Savvy (also known as Style Boutique and Girls Mode). Developed by Syn Sophia, this series of games was exceptional.

They each had their own stories as to how you came into owning a boutique of your own, you’d meet lively, memorable characters during your time as a stylist, and most importantly, you had customisation options galore. Since the release of Style Savvy: Styling Star in 2017, which featured a pop idol twist, fans have been in desire of a new dress-up game like Style Savvy for the Nintendo Switch.

Syn Sophia listened, of course, and recently dished out Fashion Dreamer for Nintendo’s hybrid handheld. That said, despite being unable to put it down for the past week or two, it was far from what I’d hoped. As much fun as it is to hand out my unwarranted fashion advice to folk, the game is dull, flat, and lifeless compared to its spiritual predecessors.

We’re living in the age of social media (or the collapse of it, if you’re feeling cynical), and Fashion Dreamer has attempted to make this the core caveat of its game, to its detriment. Rather than opening up a boutique, tending to customers’ needs and visiting the Exhibition Hall to buy new clothes, Fashion Dreamer is all about gaining social media followers. The memorable characters we previously had have been exchanged for caricatures that aren’t half as engaging, your ‘boutique’ is merely a Showroom that players can visit rather than having any substantial purpose, and even clothing customisation feels half as exciting as it once did.

The player looks at the outfit of another Muse in Fashion Dreamer
Image credit: Marvelous AQL

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