Todd Oldham Is Giving His Archive a New Life With an Assist From His Nephew Presley

Todd Oldham, the ’90s wunderkind who charmed the industry with maximalist prints and kitschy rainbow confections, is returning to fashion with a new endeavor: Todd Oldham Maker Shop. “Making things from other things” is the project’s tagline, and most of what’s coming incorporates elements from Oldham’s archive– everything from beading samples to bolts of fabrics and over a ton (yes, they weighed it) of buckles, earrings, buttons, and other metallic doodads. Todd Oldham Maker Shop launched this week with an e-commerce website offering home furnishings, clothes, and jewelry. The baubles are a collaboration with his nephew, the jewelry designer Presley Oldham.

That Todd is collaborating with his nephew should be no surprise. Todd Oldham, the brand, was a group effort, one Todd shared with his brother, the sculptor Brad Oldham, who made all the metal items in the collections. “Through all the years we were making clothes full time, we made everything, we made every textile, we hand-cast every button, it was all very special to us.” So special, that the brand never had sample sales or threw anything out. Instead, it was meticulously archived, and, after 20 or so years, Todd said, “it was really nice to open that stuff back up and be able to see it with new eyes.”

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