Here’s what you need to know about the Barbie-themed store opening in Toronto

🎵Come on, Barbie, let’s go party 🎵 The only tune worth jamming to on your way to the Barbie-themed store in Toronto, if you ask me. It seems like there’s a rise in Barbie fever, with all the news of the movie, pop-ups and the works. Mississauga might be home to the World of Barbie tour, but #The6ix is getting its own attraction as well, with the opening of a concept store.

Barbie-themed store in Toronto
Photo: Courtesy of World of Barbie

store-in-toronto”barbie-themed-store-in-toronto”Barbie-themed store in Toronto

The new store is the result of a partnership between Canadian fashion designer, Hilary MacMilllan, and the parent company for Barbie, which is Mattel. The store is set to host a clothing line, the Shades of Pink Collection, which will include 15 pieces.

Where’s it going to be?

The collection will be released online and in-store on August 11th, so get ready to shop until you drop. You’ll be able to find it on 131 Bloor Street, specifically inside The Colonnade. The store is expected to provide visitors with the feeling of stepping inside Barbie’s closet. I’m talking all-pink decor, a photo booth and other unique spots throughout the space.


The Shades of Pink capsule features all ready-to-wear pieces. So if you’re looking to add a splash of nostalgia (and pink) to your wardrobe, then make sure to check it out.

And if you want more of Barbie in your life, then there’s always the World of Barbie interactive experience in Mississauga. The experience includes the full-size camper van, the Barbie Interstellar Airways shuttle, her music studio and many other attractions.

It’s located at 199 Rathburn Road. You can book the tickets online through the site.

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