Fashion expert shares 3 tips to boost your style confidence

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TikToker shares fashion advice.
Pic credit: @atyasmeengarcia/TikTok

Anyone who cares about fashion should be made aware of the best style tips out there.

When it comes to boosting your confidence, your style is a great place to start.

Knowing how to dress and feeling comfortable in your clothing is a fabulous way to amplify your levels of self-love.

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Fashion expert and TikToker @AtYasmeenGarcia posted a video breaking down three crucial tips.

Her fashion advice is a game-changer for people looking to feel better about their outward appearance.

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Here’s what Yasmeen wants the world to know about fashion and its impact on your inner confidence.

How to be more confident about your style

Yasmeen‘s first tip is to learn how to dress for your body type. She believes it’s important for people to start loving and accepting their body weights, sizes, and shapes before all else.

Once you know how to dress for your body type, it’s easy to start filling your wardrobe with the right staples.

The most common body types include the inverted triangle, the pear shape, the apple shape, and the hourglass shape.

Whether you currently have your desired body type or not, dressing in a way that caters to your specific shape is a great step in the right direction for your confidence.

yasmeen“Other style and confidence tips from Yasmeen

Next, Yasmeen believes it’s vital to learn the colors that work best with your skin tone.

When you know the list of colors that pair well with

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Fashion guru shares seasonal trends to look out for

TikToker shares fashion tips for spring.
TikToker gives spring fashion advice.
Pic credit: @madelinehagmann/TikTok

Are you prepared to dress confidently during the upcoming spring season of 2024?

Spring is always usually a fun season for fashionistas because it’s when the weather starts warming up.

The transition from winter to summer gives people a chance to play up their wardrobe.

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After wearing layers of cozy clothing from December until February, there’s more to experiment with between March and May.

Fashion guru and TikToker @MadelineHagmann shared a video breaking down some of her best style advice.

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Here’s what Madeline says about preparing yourself and your closet for Spring 2024.

Madeline says the first staple you should add to your wardrobe is A-line midi skirts with fuller and more billowy shapes.

She added two photos of models wearing this skirt style to drive the point home.

The skirts look casual enough to wear while running errands, but they’re classy enough to wear on date nights.

Madeline suggests wearing this skirt style with ballet flats as your chosen shoes.

While it’s perfectly fine to wear sneakers or heels with them, she definitely believes ballet flats are the best way to go.

She notes that wearing your A-line midi skirt as a low-rise skirt that stops over your hip bones is a great idea if you’re comfortable wearing crop tops.

Next up, Madeline suggests filling your closet with graphic design T-shirts. She says they can be super pleasant and rewarding in unexpected ways.

The best thing about graphic design T-shirts is that they’re covered in logos, quotes, TV show

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Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn loads up on discount makeup while wearing spandex workout gear

Christine Quinn smiling at the camera.
Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn was spotted in Los Angeles stocking up on beauty products. Pic credit: @thechristinequinn/Instagram

Millionaire Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn was seen shopping for beauty products while out and about in Los Angeles.

She was photographed at Beauty Collection during a closing sale of 40-60% off everything, proving not even she can resist a good deal.

The normally dolled-up Christine wore a laidback athleisure look during the outing with her blonde locks blowing in the wind.

The fashionista looked casual and fresh in a black tank top and army green leggings as she stocked up on an abundance of products.

The reality TV star walked out of the store with bags full of merchandise from her successful shopping spree, but she wasn’t alone.

She was accompanied by her husband, Christian Dumontet, who came out of the Rolls Royce to help her load the bags, wearing black nail polish on his nails.

Christine Quinn holding makeup products and talking to someone unseen in the image.
Christine Quinn chats with the salespeople while shopping for discounted beauty products. Pic credit: Backgrid

Christine Quinn leaves The Oppenheim Group to launch her own real estate company

Christine Quinn has been extremely busy since the end of Selling Sunset Season 5.

The mom and real estate agent left The Oppenheim Group and launched a real estate venture with her husband, Christian.

Full body photo of Christine Quinn walking with three large bags of merchandise.
Christine Quinn heads to her Rolls Royce where her husband helps her load up the trunk from her shopping spree. Pic credit: Backgrid

Their company, Real Open, claims to be “the bridge between the bright future of digital assets and anachronistic industries in need of disruption.”

In addition to her latest business venture, Christine made a runway appearance in Balenciaga’s couture show.

Christine shared behind-the-scenes images of the runway show and expressed her thanks to Balenciaga’s

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