Best pickleball paddles, equipment and outfits for all in 2022

In a pickle when it comes to what trendy new activity to pick up for fall 2022?

No sweat, as we’ve found that pickleball is the newest and hottest sport to try, causing quite the racket all over social media and beyond.

The sport, similar to tennis, badminton or an enlarged version on ping pong, is reaching extreme popularity this summer and into fall. It’s played on a court similar to tennis, with a lower net and a smaller court. Instead of rackets and tennis balls, trade those in for a flat paddle and a plastic, wiffle ball and you have a game, pending a partner.

According to the official USA Pickleball site, the sport started in Seattle, Washington in 1965, adorably by a group of dads trying to entertain their kids in the summertime.

Well, mission accomplished guys, as now the sport is super popular amongst dads and the Gen Z’ers too, proven by trendy paddles, cute outfits and many TikToks explaining the game to the youngest generation of players.

Whether you’ve played it once and fell in love, like in the viral video above, or if you need a great idea for a double date, pickleball is for you, according to TikTok.

You don’t need too much to get started, so we compiled a checklist of the best paddles, carrying cases and outfits to pair with your new pickleball obsession in 2022.

The best pickleball paddles

1. Nettie Paddles, $80

A red, yellow and blue pickleball paddle

Grab your paddle and find a net! Nettie sells trendy and sleek paddles and other pickleball accessories that will stand out on the court. They are a fun, women-owned company with the love of the sport at

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