Elegant fashion tips I learned from ‘old money’ – a certain blouse is a must-have, & the style to wear when in doubt

A FASHIONISTA has revealed her inspiration for a super classic and elegant look.

She said she learned from “old money” and central to her stylish wardrobe was a certain blouse.

TikTok user Elizabeth tried out a series of monochrome looks


TikTok user Elizabeth tried out a series of monochrome looksCredit: TikTok / @theelegantbride
Stick to a similar color palette she said


Stick to a similar color palette she saidCredit: TikTok / @theelegantbride

No self-respecting clothes fan should be without it she wrote because it will be worn again and again.

“Five fashion tips I learned from old money,” said Elisabeth (@theelegantbride).

This stylish lady has over 64,000 followers and her TikTok is dedicated to “Fashion and elegance.”

In her tiktok.com/@theelegantbride/video/7190459993945083142″post, she paraded a series of looks to demonstrate her theory.

“When in doubt, go monochrome,” she said of tip number one, explaining her key point.

She then proceeded to model a number of outfits that were a lesson in neutral tones.

She wore a calf-length, long-sleeved knitted dress, with cream ankle boots and an umber-colored shoulder bag, accessorized with gold hoop earrings and a bracelet.

Her second tip was: “Pleated skirts will add a feminine touch.”

This look comprised a white blouse and a black and white checked pleated skirt with matching tan shoes and a handbag.

Next up was a wardrobe staple, the blazer. They are, said Elizabeth for her third tip, “your best friend.”

She wore the same shoes, handbag, and white shirt but this time matched them with a mini pleated skirt and hip-length blazer.

For her fourth tip, she urged viewers to make it part of their capsule wardrobe: “A well-fitting blue blouse is a must-have,” she said.

The blue shirt was tucked casually into cream-flared trousers with the same shoes and handbag again.

Finally, she went for a more dressed-down look of tight black

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