Follow these tips to hide open pores with makeup

Large or open pores are like unwelcome guests at a wedding that we despise. Most people appear to be determined on getting their pores to vanish. Unfortunately, your pores will not instantly disappear. They can, however, appear to have vanished with the help of a thorough skincare routine and a few crucial beauty techniques.

Now, we’re focused primarily on the latter, and with the guidance of celebrity makeup artist Neha Chhabra, founder of Keywest Academy of Beauty and Makeup, we can conceal our huge pores with makeup. Before starting any makeup you must follow some skincare regime, that is cleanse your face thoroughly with a good face wash, use a Vitamin C face serum, moisturize your face very well, and while going out apply a very good sunscreen. Follow these step by step and then start the makeup.

Tip 1: Primer is your BFF

One of the finest magic tricks for huge pores is primer. Rather than having your makeup stick to your face and pores, use a primer to bridge a barrier between your skin and your makeup. You’ll be pore-free in seconds with the correct primer! A primer, however, accomplishes more than that. A primer also fades the skin, making it look more perfect. This is essential for big, open pores!

Tip 2: Matte-base foundation

Foundations with a dewy finish may make large pores appear larger. Foundation layers are like a fluid and have a smoothing finish to conceal flaws such as large pores and unequal skin texture. Its lengthy formulation is waterproof and sweatproof, so you don’t have to worry about smearing your makeup all day to hide your large pores.

Tip 3: Conceal with concealer

After your matte foundation, a matte concealer can assist you to cover your huge pores even better. Apply just

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