10 Ways To Clean With Dish Soap That Go Way Beyond Plates And Bowls

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While we most often associate dish soap with cleaning our everyday dinnerware, favorite wine glasses, and fine china, this product’s power expands way beyond the reaches of the kitchen sink. In fact, as dish soap has become more regulated and safer over the years, thanks to the elimination of phosphates and other harsh chemicals from most formulations, its high-performing capabilities have become available to more and more areas of the home for safe, efficient cleaning. Here, you’ll find 10 clever uses for dish soap that can solve everyday problems in an instant.

Restore your jewelry’s sparkle.

Dish soap is the ideal at-home cleaning solution for your fine jewelry, according to Coronet Diamonds, as it’s typically gentler than most hand soaps and shampoos. Simply rinse your pieces and place them in a solution of mild dish soap and warm water, letting them soak for 15 minutes. From there, use a clean toothbrush to remove any lingering stains and wipe off with a clean cotton cloth to dry and remove any excess oil. You won’t believe how shiny your engagement ring looks without a trip to the jeweler or buying a special cleaning solution.

Freshen up your pet supplies—but not your pet.

Everyday germs from the outside world and even pet food can contaminate your dog’s bowls, toys, and habitats. The CDC recommends using a solution of dish soap and water to clean everything from crates and bowls to rubber and plastic pet toys. You may need to go one step further and disinfect using beach or a designated spray afterwards to fully kill germs, especially if your pet has recently been sick.

Replace your floor cleaning solution (except if you have hardwoods).

Out of your preferred floor cleaning solution and company is coming over this afternoon? No problem. Flooring superstore

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