I’m a fashion pro & here are my 7 budget tricks which will make your kid’s school uniform last longer

WITH less than a week left of the summer holidays, most parents are ready to wave their little ones goodbye and send them back to school for some peace and quiet.

However, with the cost of living crisis only getting worse, being able to afford the back to school costs will be a challenge for many households. 

Experts have come together to give money saving tips on school uniform


Experts have come together to give money saving tips on school uniformCredit: Getty

In fact, it’s been revealed that parents fork out as much as £337 a year on school uniforms!

To help families keep the costs down, experts at MoneyTransfers.com has listed seven tips for getting the most out of your child’s school uniform when money is tight.

Tackle the stains, don’t avoid them

As a parent, there is nothing more frustrating than when your child comes home from school with stains all over their new clothes.

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However, it’s inevitable so the best thing you can do is learn how to get rid of them effectively.

Whether it’s ink, crayon, mud or grass, there are a few easy cleaning hacks you should try out first before you throw any stained clothing in the bin. 

Ink stains: Spray it with hairspray first and then blot over the area with a paper towel.

However, if it’s a Biro pen instead, then these stains can be removed if you lightly soak the item of clothing in some milk. 

Crayon stains: Try freezing the fabric first, this will harden the crayon and then you should be able to scrape off any excess crayon. Once this is done, turn on an iron at a medium heat setting.

While it’s heating up, put a paper towel on top of and underneath the stained area and gently press the warm iron over it. Hopefully, it

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