GOP Congressman Goes Viral for Giving ‘Democrat Operative’ Fashion Advice

Amid the debate over what elected officials should wear in the halls of Congress, Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee offered some fashion advice to a Capitol Hill reporter.

While the Senate is dealing with the fallout of allowing Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania to show up to work in shorts and hoodies, Burchett made it clear he supports men dressing appropriately.

In a video clip, the Republican was approached by a reporter, who asked him about former President Donald Trump’s comments on negotiations to keep the government running after this month.

“Representative, do you support Trump’s call to shut down the government?” the reporter asked.

Burchett paused for a moment before he said, “He has not called me.”


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The lawmaker then sized up the reporter, who was wearing a button-down shirt, khaki shorts and black socks.

Burchett said, “And I do not — I do not — support you wearing black socks with short pants.”

The congressman walked away without another word.

Burchett shared the clip on X on Wednesday and referred to the reporter as a “Democrat operative.”

The video had 1.4 million views as of Thursday.

Scott Wong of NBC News shared Burchett’s post and commented, “There’s still a dress code on the House side … and [Burchett] is enforcing it!”


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Burchett shared that post and

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