The 20 Best Setting Powders to Make Your Makeup Last All Day (and Night)

Makeup has a way of melting off during hot summer months: You look in the mirror mid-day and the foundation and concealer you spent time applying has smudged and faded. Setting powder is a secret weapon for locking the pigments in place. With the right formula, you won’t need to bring a touch-up kit when you head out the door. 

What is Setting Powder?

Setting powder is an easy product to incorporate into your routine — put simply, it seals your makeup in place to extend the wear time. “They reduce oil, help to mattify skin, and are also great for securing cream products in place,” says Nashville-based makeup artist Claire Balest. They also help powder makeup blend seamlessly over wetter formulas — when you add a powder bronzer or blush over a liquid foundation, a dusting of setting powder between the two makes the transition seamless. 

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Top Setting Powders for 2022

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Tatcha The Silk Powder Protective Finishing Powder

Best Setting Powder for Fine Lines

This powder excels at making skin look smooth; it blurs pores, texture, and fine lines. Tatcha’s formula contains loads of skin-friendly ingredients: Silk proteins nourish dry skin and Japanese pearl powder makes for a radiant finish. “Some powders clump on my skin, some change the color of my foundation, some make me look even paler than I am, and some just make my skin look parched; this one does none of that — it just provides a soft, pretty finish,” says one reviewer. 

Tatcha The Silk Powder

Tatcha The Silk Powder

Tatcha The Silk Powder Protective

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