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A 37-year-old mother of two boys and the wife of Anthony Grable, who is the owner and operator of All Clean Professional Carpet Cleaning, Jessica Grable says that she has always had a passion for fashion. She says that said passion dates back to an early age, recalling a particular store from her childhood and the memories she made there.

“I can remember that my best time was spent on Saturdays going shopping with my mother and sister to a store called the 7-dollar store,” Jessica Grable recalls. “I would always imagine owning a store just like this one. So many beautiful clothes and shoes as well as jewelry all in one.”

Due to that passion, Grable explained that she considered opening a store of her own several times. 

In 2018, the lives of Jessica Grable and her family were forever altered when Jessica received a Lupus diagnosis. As a result, she found herself with a limited ability to work. Grable decided it was finally time to make her lifelong dream of owning her own store come true for herself and her family. She says that with the blessing of God and support from her family, that dream is now reality with the opening of J’s Fashion & More.

Being from Milledgeville, she felt that it was only right to open J’s Fashion & More here.

“I wanted to bring something to the community that we didn’t have. Some different merchandise for the people,” Grable remarked. In her words, Grable says that being able to help the community through her business has brought her joy. She emphasized that it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this point, where J’s Fashion & More has received great support and feedback from the community. the business

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Digital Mannequin launched for fashion brands and retailers

Future retail agency Outform has launched a first-of-its-kind interactive Digital Mannequin, giving fashion retailers the chance to elevate the in-store shopping experience for the modern shopper.

The Digital Mannequin is an interactive, visual merchandising platform that gives the shopper power to control which products they see and how they’re represented in-store through their smartphones.

Shoppers who scan a QR code on the Digital Mannequin display can take full control of what content is displayed. They can choose which products they see from different perspectives, and which model wears them. From there, the shopper has the option to purchase the product directly through their mobile device on a microsite to ensure the experience is as convenient as it is engaging.

The Digital Mannequin has been developed to benefit both the shopper and the retailer. For the shopper, it’s an in-store platform offering a more personalised experience with a choice of models representing different ethnicities and a range of body types and a frictionless journey from discovery to the point of purchase.

For the retailer, as well as offering an enhanced shopping experience, the Digital Mannequin offers another opportunity to capture in-store data, such as content preferences and the number of sessions, to better understand audience behaviours.

Ariel Haroush, Founder and President of the Outform Group, says: “The traditional mannequin hasn’t changed for a significant amount of time, but we’re now seeing digital transformation in fashion arrive when it’s most needed.

“Outform’s global study into the behaviour of fashion shoppers in-store found that 64% are already using their phones in-store and 63% now want more interactive digital experiences. The Digital Mannequin is a solution that speaks to these emerging behaviours and is an important step into the future of fashion retail.

“We also know shoppers are willing to share

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Here are the best thrift and consignment stores in Calgary (MAP)

We love a good thrift find. And as many fellow thrifters know, the hunt for second-hand treasures can be very rewarding!

So, we’ve created our own treasure map of sorts of some of our favourite thrift and consignment stores around Calgary.

Oldies but goodies

Value Village (Southland and Macleod location)

Everyone knows the Value Village name, not only thrifters. But this VV Boutique is absolutely massive. If you’ve been in the Calgary area for a while, you might already know that this building used to house a Safeway but it’s now a preloved paradise. We definitely recommend setting aside at least an hour (if not more) to search through the rows upon rows of beautiful bargains.

Where: 9737 Macleod Trail SW

Goodwill (Plaza location)

This one is another hefty store. It’s not too far from the aforementioned Va-Louis Vuilage so you could easily hit them both in an afternoon.

Where: 9655 Macleod Trail SW

Hidden Gems

Glenmore Thrift Store

This little place is one of our favourites and it deserves some love. This used to be a Sally Ann, but management and the Salvation Army parted ways. The team running this store uses its money to help out a local food bank.

The shop is small and tucked away, but don’t let that deter you. The prices here are always great, something the store prides itself on, and there’s always something there worth finding. Plus, if you bring in a bag of donations (clothes, toys, books, household items, etc.) you will get a $10-off coupon!

Where: 3146 Glenmore Court SE

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Do yourself a favour and follow this place on Instagram. Staff regularly

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Here’s what you need to know about the Barbie-themed store opening in Toronto

🎵Come on, Barbie, let’s go party 🎵 The only tune worth jamming to on your way to the Barbie-themed store in Toronto, if you ask me. It seems like there’s a rise in Barbie fever, with all the news of the movie, pop-ups and the works. Mississauga might be home to the World of Barbie tour, but #The6ix is getting its own attraction as well, with the opening of a concept store.

Barbie-themed store in Toronto
Photo: Courtesy of World of Barbie

store-in-toronto”barbie-themed-store-in-toronto”Barbie-themed store in Toronto

The new store is the result of a partnership between Canadian fashion designer, Hilary MacMilllan, and the parent company for Barbie, which is Mattel. The store is set to host a clothing line, the Shades of Pink Collection, which will include 15 pieces.

Where’s it going to be?

The collection will be released online and in-store on August 11th, so get ready to shop until you drop. You’ll be able to find it on 131 Bloor Street, specifically inside The Colonnade. The store is expected to provide visitors with the feeling of stepping inside Barbie’s closet. I’m talking all-pink decor, a photo booth and other unique spots throughout the space.


The Shades of Pink capsule features all ready-to-wear pieces. So if you’re looking to add a splash of nostalgia (and pink) to your wardrobe, then make sure to check it out.

And if you want more of Barbie in your life, then there’s always the World of Barbie interactive experience in Mississauga. The experience includes the full-size camper van, the Barbie Interstellar Airways shuttle, her music studio and many other attractions.

It’s located at 199 Rathburn Road. You can book the tickets online through the site.

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X tips to remodel a retail fashion store and increase its real estate value

Now that more and more consumers are using online shopping to purchase goods, the appearance and ambience of physical stores and the retail design is more important than ever. Retail store remodeling could be an expensive investment but it will surely pay out in the long run. Having a modern and trendy interior and exterior design of your retail fashion store is significant for the whole brand experience of your customers. Consumers who are still using the brick and mortar stores are doing it for the experience rather than the product itself as this is something they can easily obtain via e-commerce. 

In order to stay on top of competitors and increase the value of your retail store, it’s not enough to only perform cosmetic changes but rather to consider a full store renovation. This is surely a big project and requires good planning, budgeting and timely execution as most likely during the renovation period your store will remain at least partially closed and the loss of sales for that period should also be considered. 

There are some useful tips to review when starting to plan your retail store remodel.

Choose the correct floor plan for your space which best fits your products

A well-chosen and correctly carried out floor plan can ease product discovery, improve product visibility, create a pleasant customer experience and ultimately bring more sales.Shoppers don’t like overcrowded spaces, so make sure you leave enough space between the aisles. 

One option you can choose if you want your shoppers to move in a particular path rather than just wandering around is the loop plan. Another option is to go for the angular plan which creates a more sophisticated vibe as the focus is on fewer popular items. It creates a more spacious feel and draws the

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Surrey thrift store in need of new space

A Surrey thrift store is facing a potential move after a warning that its rent could double next spring.

SEVA Thrift Store has been located at 9430 120 St. for the past six years, and now the society is looking for a more affordable space.

Raj Arneja, part-time manager and chair of the SEVA society’s board, said as there’s not much they can do about a rent increase, they’re “actively looking if we can get something at a reasonable rate.”

“We would rather move than close our doors because of what we’ve worked for.”

But the issue is finding a big enough commercial space to rent, Arneja added.

“We need space. That’s the biggest thing.”

She said it’s about more than just finding a building with a visible storefront.

“We must ensure it is accessible for the community we serve, for the volunteers that rely on their work with us for skill building, networking, social support and community integration, and then the physical renovating of the interior: rebuilding walls, storage, and shelving inside the store.”

She said when they moved into their current space, it cost about $60,000 to set it up.

“To move this place — as it is — is a huge undertaking. We just don’t have the staff to do it. All of us have full-time jobs and how are we going to do that? This whole thing was just a shell.”

The society was told verbally by their landlord their rent would be doubling to $13,000 from $6,500. The Now-Leader reached out to the landlord, who confirmed he approached the society about an increase but wouldn’t answer any other questions.

Currently – and unlike residential rentals – there are no caps for commercial rental increases.

Anita Huberman, president and CEO of the Surrey

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Aesop’s New Regent Street Store Is All About Georgian and Regency Architecture

LONDON Australian skin care and fragrance brand Aesop is expanding and unveiling a new store on Regent Street in central London.

This is the brand’s fifth store in the British capital. It has other locations in Covent Garden, Seven Dials, Soho and Shoreditch.

More from WWD

Aesop has moved into the space previously occupied by clothing and outerwear brand Matchless London, which opened a London flagship in May 2021.

The new outpost draws inspiration from the style of Georgian and Regency-era architect John Nash, who designed the Royal Pavilion in Brighton; Marble Arch; Buckingham Palace, and Regent Street with his collaborator James Burton.

The large, minimal space is meant to be an oasis of calm on the busy shopping street, and channel the essence of Aesop.

The oversized, stately basin in the store’s principal room is an ode to the water fountains of Regency architecture; the arched ceilings point to the cupolas of classical design. It’s a first in the U.K. besides Australia where customers can test out the products on their faces.

There are two doors inside: one leads to the Sensorium, which the brand describes as “an intimate space” where customers can sample the fragrances and even diffuse an item of clothing with their chosen Aesop scent by placing the garment on a hanger that’s sprayed and left to linger for a few minutes.

The other door opens to the facial room, which is meant to emulate a cozy living room with soft furnishings complemented by muted timber and cork.

Each Aesop location is distinct, but still keeping with the brand’s minimalism design DNA. - Credit: Courtesy of Aesop

Each Aesop location is distinct, but still keeping with the brand’s minimalism design DNA. – Credit: Courtesy of Aesop

Courtesy of Aesop

Each Aesop location is distinct and in character with its neighborhood, but in keeping with the brand’s minimalist design aesthetic. The Covent Garden

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Memory Lane: What are your memories of shopping at Eaton’s?

On Aug. 24, 1999, Eaton’s department store in downtown Sudbury announced its final sale. It was going out of business.

The store was part of a mighty chain that had been a part of Canadian families’ lives for more than a century. 

It was where Canada shopped for shoes, clothes, jewelry, hockey skates, furniture and even food. The company, started by a conservative Scotch-Irish immigrant, was bankrupt.

After years of economic challenges, Eaton’s had racked up $300 million of debt and sought bankruptcy protection in 1997. The next year, the company lost $72 million, and in the first quarter of 1999, it lost $37.7 million.

There had not been a business genius in the family since his great-grandfather died, Fred Eaton, who served as Canadian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom from 1991 to 1994, told the media at the time.

Uniquely Canadian, Eaton’s once had 200 stores from coast to coast in major cities and in smaller ones, such as Gander, Stratford, Midland and Mission.

Eaton’s distributed millions of copies of its mail-order catalogue and was nicknamed “the bible.”

“Everything from clothing to farm machinery could be ordered. In addition, homes could be purchased in the form of a small prefabricated house, and many of those original houses ordered through the mail still exist in Canada today…A typical home in the 1910s would cost $900 from the catalogue.” *

Sudbury.com invites readers to share their memories of shopping or working at Eaton’s. Send your stories to markgentili@sudbury.com or [email protected]

On a personal note, I worked at an Eaton’s store when I was in high school. I was told the customer is always right.

Eaton’s motto was “Goods Satisfactory or Money Refunded.” I remember shoppers returned clothes they had worn and even washed. No questions were asked. On

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Popular new children’s clothing store opened in Oxford

The new store opened yesterday (Thursday 11)

The new store opened yesterday (Thursday 11)

A NEW nursery furniture, travel systems, and children’s clothing store has opened in Oxford.

Mamas & Papas opened at the Westgate Oxford yesterday (11) inside the NEXT store, offering the first 50 customers who made a purchase in-store a free goody-bag.

The store will deliver expert in-store services such as one-to-one personal shopping appointments, car seat consultations and fittings, independent advice across a wide range of brands, as well as click and collect.

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Nathan Williams, chief operating officer at Mamas & Papas, said: “A customer visiting us in our new store location will have access to our dedicated Mamas & Papas team of experts, who will provide tailored, independent advice and recommendations to parents-to-be and their families.

“Being able to test and compare pushchairs, have car seats fitted into their car before buying, and gaining nursery furniture inspiration is something every new parent should have access to.

“The Oxford concession marks our 22nd store opening with NEXT and helps us to continue to deliver our goal of being the most accessible nursery brand on the high street.”

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The store is open from 9am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sundays. There’s also free parking provided as well as Costa Coffee and baby change within the NEXT store.

This story was written by Gee Harland. She joined the team in 2022 as a senior multimedia reporter.

Gee covers Wallingford, Wantage and Didcot.

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