10 ways to transform your look for less


If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt over my many years as a fashion editor, it is that the most stylish people are not those that spend thousands on their wardrobes, and who only buy designer clothes.

Being able to afford items that are well-made can help, sure, but true style is about creativity, confidence and attitude. With that in mind, here are a few simple style lessons that I’ve learnt along the way – including from a few of my stylish friends and colleagues – that can help transform your look for less.

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True style isn't about how much you spend.

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True style isn’t about how much you spend.

1. Small but mighty

Beauty minis are cute, yes, but can also be more wallet-friendly compared to full-sized products. Chemist Warehouse has a small but well-stocked travel section, while Mecca’s minis and travel size section is definitely worth a peruse (in-store, these items are often near the tills to encourage last minute purchases). It’s a great way to trial beauty products too, to see if they’re worth further investment.

2. Know how to shop chain stores

Fast fashion is not your friend, but for many it is the only way they are able to shop – whether for affordability or accessibility reasons. The key to shopping big chain stores is to know what to look for, and to reject impulse buying that will lead to the ever-growing pile of fashion waste.

Look for fabrics that will last (like 100% cotton, which is not perfect but often better than polyester),

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Best Outdoor Clothing 2022 | Shopping

Since 1980 Mountain Supply has been outfitting mountaineers, backcountry skiers, backpackers and climbers with the gear and expertise they need for their outdoor adventures. The independent retailer’s won the best outdoor clothing store category for the past two years. The store’s support from the community stems from the customer service and expertise of its staff.

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“Our knowledgeable staff is really what sets us apart,” said Kevin Ganey, the general manager of Mountain Supply. “Not only do we have a little bit more of a specialized gear and a curated assortment within some of the best brands in the industry, but a wide selection of those brands as well. And really, our people and our staff really round out that in terms of being able to provide that amazing customer service, and maybe a little level of detail that you’re not going to get from the bigger box stores.”

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Those bigger box stores are surprisingly welcome competition to Ganey, who said the larger retail stores are usually the first step people take to the outdoors. As they continue and seek higher quality gear, they’ll eventually find their way to specialty retail stores like Mountain Supply. 

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“I think that we still maybe wouldn’t exist without some of those bigger stores that help bring a larger population into the outdoor space,” Ganey said. “We’re never going to say no to someone wanting to get into the outdoors; we think that’s probably one of the most healthy and best choices people can make. Especially as we’ve seen the last couple years with the global pandemic.”

FIRST PLACE: Mountain Supply


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