How To Hide Even The Worst Tan Lines, According To Makeup Pros

You’ve been having a wonderful summer in the great outdoors, and now you’ve gotten an invitation to an event that calls for something skimpy and slinky. But when you start getting dressed, you notice vast swaths of previously covered-up skin that stand out in blinding contrast to your more tanned bits. Perhaps, right as you’re strapping on a lovely new pair of sandals, you see a line where your socks end. Or maybe your face has pale sections left that sunglasses and ball caps once shielded. And, oh, how those spaghetti straps show off your white shoulders and tanned forearms, with a short-sleeve DMZ separating them.

What can you do — fast — to fix the situation, and how can you avoid it in the future? Our experts are here to help. And, as it turns out, they’ve felt your pain.

“I live in Australia, so there are lots of very harsh tan lines on people here,” saidMichelle Wong, the cosmetic chemist behind the popular blog Lab Muffin. “When I was in school, I always had a sock tan. And I’ve also had some really strong tan lines in summer where I’ve forgotten to reapply sunscreen.”

“I’ve experienced farmer’s tans personally, and I’ve seen prominent tan lines on models that I’ve had to correct during photo shoots,” said celebrity makeup artistJamie Dorman. “It’s a problem that can be hard to fix in post-production and can be even more glaring in photos.”

Even if you’ve managed to escape a farmer’s tan personally, tan lines can still happen to those you love. “I tell my husband  to wear his SPF and reapply, but after a day of sun exposure in the backyard or on the boat, he has a noticeable tan line on his lower neck

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