Date Night Outfits Ideas : Latest Date Outfits Trend

Fashion is an ever-evolving domain which keeps on getting updated with new trends. Sometimes the trends appear easy to follow, while other times it feels like a burden to keep up with the fashion trends. Amidst this fashion trend dilemma, we have handpicked some of the trends from which you can take inspiration for your date night outfits. Read on to learn how you can select the date night amidst trends like Barbiecore, Mob Wife and more. 

Mob Wife Trend

If you are going to a classic fine dining restaurant for a date night then you can pick the mob wife trend. This trend is all about keeping you exuding a sense of confidence and authority. To create such a look you will need to add a gown or classy one-piece dress with rusty red lips. For accessories, you can go with leopard print footwear and belts. 

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Biker Girl Trend

If you are going on a bike date like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, then biker girl aesthetics will suit you perfectly. For the biker girl look, you can opt for cargo pants, a jersey T-shirt, and ankle-length boots. You can complete your look with a cropped leather biker jacket. 

biker girl

Dark Academia Trend

If you are planning a museum date (date night look from khushi kapoor) with your partner then you can create a Dark Academia fashion trend. You can style a black flowy dress with a sleek hairdo and a long shoulder and with bold rouge red lips. You can complete your look with dangling gold pearl earrings. 

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Rom Com Trend

If you are someone who is into romantic novels and typical bollywood movies then you can create a rom-com look

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From Plazacore to Baddie, Here Are 9 TikTok Fashion Trends You Need to Know This Fall

The past few years have been weird for fashion. When the pandemic first hit, we abandoned all sartorial norms in favor of 24/7 sweats, tie-dye everything and no pants. Then, once vaccines became more widely available, we swung hard in the opposite direction with revenge dressing, sporting all the suiting, sequins and stand-out colors we could find. Now we seem to be having some trouble finding a common ground with new trends, or “cores” as TikTok prefers to dub them, cropping up every other week. They oscillate wildly between comfy basics (like ‘90s minimalism) and highly specific aesthetics (like Horse Girl Equestrian), and social media has a catchy name for all of them. It’s a lot to keep track of, but don’t worry, we’ve pinned down the nine most popular styles you need to know for fall 2022, with all the deets on what they mean and how to wear them.

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Hot pink has been the top color trend of the past few years, but has since become a whole movement unto itself thanks in large part to Gerta Gerwig’s new Barbie movie. A push for maximalist fashion and a return to nostalgia also helped put this flashy aesthetic on the map, as did Pierpaolo Piccioli’s decision to create and almost entirely monochromatic vivid fuchsia collection for Valentino’s Fall 2022 ready-to-wear runway show. The best thing about Barbiecore is that it really just comes down to color. So long as the pieces you’re wearing are a brilliant shade of hot pink, the silhouette or style doesn’t much matter—platform heels and bodycon minidresses are just as trendy as wide-leg silk pants and oversize button-up shirts. The world is your Barbie-tinted oyster.

If you’ve ever wished

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Glittery Eyeliner Is On Every Makeup Maven’s Radar

Instagram is scintillating — courtesy of a trend that has MUAs spangling their lash lines with shimmer-drenched formulas. Think of it as a sprinkle of fairy-dust over your run-off-the-mill eyeliner — yup, we’re talking glitter-studded eyes. A Euphoria-like flick of shimmer sprawled out over the lids is one of the easiest ways to glamourise your look. Here’s what this trend is all about, and the different ways in which the people of the internet have interpreted it.

All That Glitters Is Golden…And Blue. And Purple.

This trend is a welcome switch-up from your jet-black flicks — adding a pop of resplendence to your look without overpowering the rest of your makeup. The secret to acing the trend, according to French MUA Violette, is to play around with razor-thin streaks instead of experimenting with anything too chunky or conspicuous. The MUA’s a fan of dipping a damp/wet brush into a pot of eyeshadow, and drawing cat-eye on either lid — she suggests tracing the lids close to the lash-line, and softening the edges with a little bit of (dry) shimmer-packed eyeshadow right above the eyeliner — before blending it into your crease ‘using your fingers as the oils in the skin melt the pigments.’

Pink Paradise

Notice how this MUA has layered her lids with a petal-pink lipstick and blended the pigment into the eyes until it has diffused into a lighter shade — and, then, she goes on to create a precise, fine-milled flick above the lash-line with a fine-tipped, gold-dipped brush. She has packed the inner corners with the colour too.

Sliver Of Silver

Draw a cat-eye flick, and frame it with a shade of silver before attaching a set of falsies to your lash line to capture the look. If you don’t have silver-coloured eyeliner

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