Tips for choosing a wedding makeup artist | Life

A wedding gives couples a chance to shine and celebrate their love for one another. Naturally, all eyes are on the happy couple on their wedding day, and that means brides and grooms want to look their best. For those planning to wear makeup, relying on a skilled makeup artist can make a big difference in how couples look in videos and photographs.

Professional makeup artists will be acquainted with techniques that can enhance individuals’ looks on their wedding day. Makeup artists recognize which products to use to ensure a flawless face lasts all day. This person also can take the pressure off the bride having to do makeup herself, meaning the bride can sit back and relax for a half hour or more and enjoy being pampered. Techniques like lash applications, contouring and highlighting require skill, and skilled makeup professionals are well-trained in these areas.

When shopping around for makeup artists, couples with limited knowledge of what to expect can look for certain factors to help them make the most informed decision.

Professional products

There may be a stark difference between cosmetics and beauty products purchased at the drug store and the professional-grade items used by makeup artists. Professional products have been engineered for specific applications. They tend to be long-wearing and luxurious. Look for a makeup artist who uses top-notch brands.

Trial application

A bride’s vision and the makeup artist’s vision may not be one and the same. Only after a trial application can you determine if the makeup artist is able to deliver the look you desire. It’s important for a bride-to-be to go to the trial appointment with an open mind and reserve judgment until the application is complete. A professional can make suggestions on a color palette and products that will complement skin tone

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