Tanyel Tries: The primer that has US beauty gurus hooked lands in UK

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It’s been worth the wait (Picture: Tatcha/Tanyel Mustafa/Metro.co.uk)

Welcome to Tanyel Tries, our new beauty column in which Lifestyle Reporter and beauty nerd Tanyel Mustafa tests out the latest products and trends to let you know whether they get our approval – or should be trashed.

Not many primers come with such high status in the beauty world, but Tatcha’s The Silk Canvas Protective Primer is one of those.

Beauty fans will remember, before the days of TikTok and Instagram reels, the glitterati of beauty YouTube was full of positive reviews of this primer when it launched back in 2018.

But – British shoppers had to wait. Tatcha only just landed in the UK, and this product wasn’t even included in the first drop.

Finally now, though, fans can get their hands on it.

It’s rare these days I’m excited to get new slap on my face, given how part and parcel it now is as part of my job (how quickly we get used to things…), but this I was eager to try.

Retailing at SpaceNK for £48, it’s an investment, so this column will always be honest about how well a product stacks up to its claims and whether it’s actually worth your money.

One cheaper dupe version, that has been on British shores for years, is the e.l.f. Poreless Putty Primer, going for just £9.

Truthfully, now I’ve tried both, I don’t think the e.l.f. version holds a candle to Tatcha – the former of which feels drying and slightly greasy on my skin, but for those on a budget – especially with oilier skin – it might be worth a go.

So what makes the Tatcha one so special?

tatcha the <a href=silk canvas” class=”wp-image-17167826″/>

You can ditch the disk applicator, just use fingers (Picture: Tatcha)

My foundation sat flawlessly on top (usually my dry skin patches look exaggerated when close up), my skin didn’t feel heavy or weight down, pores were minimised (not completely hidden – which is fine, let’s not demonise a very normal part of skin), it prolonged the life of my makeup over the top, and ultimately my skin just looked… so well put together.

It’s a steep price point, but considering how little you’d need to use, it should last a good amount of time.

I’m quite taken by it if I’m honest, and since it’s landed in my makeup bag I’m now in the habit of applying primer again – something I seldom do, even less so in the summer.

Everything about this feels luxe, from the packaging to the effective formula.

Verdict: Tanyel approved.

Shop Tatcha The Silk Canvas Primer here.

Head to Metro.co.uk’s TikTok account for the full video review, and check back next week as we put something new to the test.

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