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Spring is here, which means there is a plethora of new clothing items to bring out from the back of your closet. In 2024, decades of different styles have come back, culminating in a casual yet exciting fashion . If you don’t own some of the items on this list, your dad, mom or grandparents probably do. Here’s a list of a few suggestions, and hopefully one fits the type of University student you are, whether you’re a gym rat or an artist.

Chem students — long, baggy jeans to cover up

With a pair of wide leg, straight leg or barrel jeans in your closet, you’ll be all set for your next lab. Baggy jeans are essentially stylish sweatpants, so it’s a win-win. Wearing jeans minimizes the risk of skin contact with chemical hazards — the thick material of jeans acts like a barrier between you and the substance you are working with. Brands like Zara and Pull & Bear have affordable and good quality jeans. In 2024, designers have focused on casual styles, giving people inspiration to buy sustainable items to stand the test of time. Baggy jeans are timeless, and they can also withstand a few chemical spills in the lab.

Dancers — bring your ballet flats out of the studio

Simple and chic, a timeless classic has just hit the fashion charts. Dancers, what better way to save money, time and space in your bag than wearing your ballet flats out? If you are not a dancer, maybe you should start — J.Crew Factory has a sweet and simple woven pair that is perfect for spring and summer. Whether your flats are pink, red, black or beige, they are certain to pair well with a variety of outfits, including puddle jeans, dress pants or silk dresses and skirts.

Commerce students — loafers and a pop of color

Loafers have slowly been making their way back into the fashion game for a few years, and now, they are the perfect complement to the current trend of relaxed streetwear. Whether you are dressing up your everyday denim jeans look or want to dress to impress for a business meeting, loafers are the shoe for you. To complement the neutral colors of the shoe, add a bright hue to your outfit. A red handkerchief in your suit pocket, a colorful vest top or a turquoise shoulder bag can upgrade your look.

Gym rats — bring back longer socks

Remember in middle school when long socks were cool? Well, they’re cool again. Ankle to long socks make for a fashionable and athletic look, with Hanes or Aritzia’s Tna ankle socks presenting great options. These match well with athletic shorts, adding a little boost to your otherwise basic gym outfit. Longer socks elevate the growing athleisure movement, so when you head to class after a workout, you’ll feel fit, productive and stylish. The extra warmth won’t hurt either. 

English majors — cardigans to warm up in the drafty halls of Shannon

Cardigans — comfortable, practical and classy. While you’re up late writing an essay, a cardigan is the perfect way to stay cozy and look your best. Wearing layers is key for long hours in the library, and, if you get hot, unbutton the buttons for a more relaxed look. Who What Wear describes springtime as “the perfect time to refresh your knitwear” meaning that a light cardigan is an excellent addition to your closet. Also, the pockets provide a nice spot for loose pencils or pens.

Art students — turn your striped button down shirt into a smock 

Everyone needs a good pin-striped button down — especially artists. Striped shirts work in the classroom, in the office and in many more locations. Artists can throw a button down on top of their outfit to make for an elegant smock. And you get bonus points if you happen to spill some paint on the shirt. Artists can go straight from painting in the studio to presenting an exhibition with the stylish yet functional staple of a button down shirt.  

Night owls — a comfy sweat set

This is not new information, but matching sweatsuits morph slouchy comfort with sophisticated style. Even though your grandma might not approve, sweat sets can be worn to most occasions nowadays. They can be worn to class, to the airport, to a casual lunch date or to study in Clem One. Dress them up or down with gold jewelry or casual sneakers. Night owls are the best candidate for this trend as they spend late hours studying, which obviously requires a go-to sweat set. Skims, Abercrombie and Brandy Melville have matching sweatsuits to fill your every need. Want to further dress up your sweats look? Go to numbers two and four on this list to add a sleek shoe to the mix. 

A-school students — statement belts

A flattering statement belt can turn your outfit from a two to a 10. Low rise chain belts, thick high rise waist belts and simple leather belts with a large buckle have made it out of the 2000s vault and into everyone’s closet. Architecture school students are always working on new projects, requiring pens, pencils and small measuring tools to be at the ready. Hooking these items onto your belt could be a possibly life-changing and time-saving act.

Media studies majors — a graphic tee with your favorite meme

Graphic tees are an exceptional way to give the outside world a peek into your personality while staying comfortable. Pop culture references are everywhere, so why not put it on your shirt? Media studies majors are the perfect students for this trend, since they are always up-to-date on the current memes and constantly studying the latest news. You’re guaranteed to find a cool graphic tee on Depop, TikTok Shop or your grandpa’s closet. There’s no better way to make a new friend than bonding over a stupid meme you both find funny. Also, you might make a passing student smile when they read your tee. 

Majorless students — a classic white short sleeve top and jeans

If you still don’t have a major, don’t worry. I don’t either. As long as you have a basic outfit consisting of jeans, a white top, a belt and some sneakers, you’re set to begin your major search. Once you have a few key classic pieces, you can mix and match without breaking the bank, and nobody will know that you’re wearing the same thing over and over again. These effortlessly chic looks will have every major department hoping you will join them. 

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