Upgrade your style for 2024: 5 fashion tips every man should know

Spring is a season of renewal and excitement, where clothes are shed for outdoor leisure or a quick getaway abroad. But before you peel off those layers, perhaps it’s better to ensure everything underneath is tailored to Israel’s 2024 climate.

Sure, you could continue living with the attitude of “who cares about style, who even cares how I dress,” but personal impression, self-confidence, relationship improvement, and even financial savings are just some of the benefits for men who take care of themselves. Luckily, there are those who care for you gentlemen, so if you’ve been feeling a bit “trashy” in recent months and are eager for a transformation, or simply keen on a couple of upgrades without breaking the bank, here are five experts with five winning tips that will open a few doors for you, even without breaking your savings plan. Nothing to lose.

Rule #1: Plan What Goes into Your Closet According to Your Lifestyle

Your wardrobe, buddy, depends on your lifestyle and what you do day-to-day. It may sound trivial, but it’s so true and will help everyone save their fashion expenses for only winning items. Know your body structure, tall, broad, short, or slim, because everything depends on proportions. Know your surroundings because someone who goes to the office every day needs different shirts from someone who patrols the streets in jeans. Know someone who will be a fashion inspiration for you; there are thousands of them on social networks.

“The Israeli man loves to dress up, but he can give up the ‘fancy’ that characterized him in recent years,” explains Yura Bormatnov, men’s fashion manager at Factory 54. “The most important thing is to know the advantages and disadvantages of your body – some people are wider at the waist, others at the shoulders, so it’s important to understand which area to emphasize and which to blur. A good seller in a store should be able to guide you. If you’re tall, I wouldn’t wear ‘three-quarter’ pants because it seems like you’ve ‘outgrown’ them. If you’re smaller, an oversized shirt will look like you borrowed it from dad.”

(credit: Thestreetvibe)

You might feel stuck with skinny jeans and a black T-shirt, but it’s possible that the climate here is disrupting everything (literally). “If you go see Shlomo Artzi in Caesarea, dress like a farmer because of the humidity, but when you go see Harry Styles in London, dress up, right?” says Bormatnov. “More than half of Israelis can give up slim-fit pants for a straight cut in favor of a slim fit. Enough with the huge logos on your shirts or the exaggerated folds of jeans with disrespectful rips, which look less good today.”

“Consult with the sellers in the store, examine what’s happening online, find inspiration,” advises the style expert. “It’s better to choose quality key items that elevate your look. For example, a guy can wear Levi’s jeans and a T-shirt that cost NIS 100 on sale, but combined with luxurious Valentino sneakers or a temporary leather jacket from Hugo Boss, which simply upgrades the look effortlessly and still feels comfortable with yourself.” And you know how it is, when you dress well, people behave differently towards you, they look at you differently, and react to you differently.

Rule #2: Choose Your Underwear Yourself!

If we’re talking about clothes, you know how much can go wrong today when wearing the least comfortable pair in the underwear drawer. There’s nothing to be done, when it comes to what holds the package all day, maybe briefs aren’t the ultimate solution for gentlemen.


“It’s worth choosing underwear made of breathable and ventilated fabric that maintains body temperature and primarily wicks away unpleasant odors,” explains Matan Amit, co-founder of the Israeli men’s underwear brand La’avin. “Whoever takes off your pants after the date will thank you for it. Today, a man who understands the matter prefers comfort, and when it meets style, the combination is a winner.”

What does that mean? Toss those with holes or those with the Spiderman print that Mom bought you in elementary school into the trash; it’s time to grow up. “Whether in boxer or brief cut, leave behind the outdated ones that soak up sweat and try underwear made of breathable and wicking fabric,” recommends Amit. “Beyond comfort, you want to choose a sexy flattering cut that compliments your body. We recommend the boxer-brief cut, essentially a snug boxer that sits well on the body and is made of ventilated fabric that gives a feeling of ‘going without.'”

Rule #3: Washing Your Face Reduces the Years

First and foremost, it’s okay to care about how you look. You don’t have to groom, tidy up, and peel, but just like it’s important to get a haircut or shave, why shouldn’t it be important to also nurture your facial skin – or rather, your identity card for life? “Today there’s a ‘coming out of the closet’ among men who want to take care of themselves. Until a decade ago, men wanted, but their ‘macho’ didn’t allow them. In recent years, they’re no longer afraid to seek treatments tailored for them,” states Pola Blick-Dayan, an advanced cosmetics and natural medicine specialist. “The initial persuasion may be by the girlfriend, but later? A woman can be 60 or 70 and look great while a man ages and ‘falls,’ so it’s advisable to start on time.”

(credit: OR GEFEN)

Basic? Facial Cleansing with Proper Soap, Accompanied by Moisturizer. “Shampoo isn’t an all-inclusive product, hair ingredients are not good for facial skin,” explains the guru. “Start with washing your face with antibacterial soap and applying a nourishing face cream that makes the skin more flexible, less wrinkled, significantly improves skin texture, especially if prone to redness or pigmentation. Men who don’t believe it? Try it first. By the way, special creams for men are essentially the same creams with a different scent, often causing breakouts. Pay attention to that.”

What else? Sunscreen, of course, prevents premature aging. “We live in an era where the sun is stronger, we absorb radiation all day long from screens, even from lighting fixtures. The skin simply ages faster. Men aren’t aware they’re exposed to the sun, so I suggest applying sunscreen at least twice a day. Also, on the scalp, neck, and hands, to prevent diseases,” concludes Blick-Dayan. Got it, sun savvy?

(credit: Pola Blick)

Rule #4: Pick Any Glasses You Want – Face Shape Doesn’t Matter

If there’s one fashionable item probably everyone, but everyone, uses, it’s glasses. Sun, darkness, day, and night, don’t fall into the agenda that the frame shape should match the face shape, it’s an outdated perception limiting your glasses options. What’s more important is the frame size and how comfortable it is on your nose.

“Choose glasses that suit your lifestyle,” clarifies Yael Weiss, product and brand manager at Carolina Lemke Berlin. “Are you a sporty guy? Go for lightweight and durable frames for protection and maximum endurance. Work a lot in front of screens? Opt for lenses with blue light filtering. Bold ones can go for thick glasses with sharp angles and finishes, while the sophisticated may choose metal frames projecting a quiet style or transparent frames that easily match most skin tones.”

(credit: DUDI HASSON)

By the way, pay attention to the difference between a product that seems “cheap” (chintzy!) and one that is cheap but worth every penny and can be found on sale or in second-hand stores. “Today, we highly recommend purchasing two frames together, one thick, focused, and impressive pair that demonstrates your serious side and gives you a professional and authoritative look. You’ll need the second pair for quality time on weekends or evening outings, meaning something a bit lighter and fun. Here you can choose large vintage-style frames, colorful and playful – it’s also the most practical option if, for example, you forgot a pair at your friend’s house yesterday,” explains Weiss.

Rule #5: Scent, Don’t Stink

If there’s one thing Israeli men love, it’s leaving a trail of scent wherever they go. Pleasant? Impressive? It depends on the aroma that captures it, which enjoys (or not) even without knowing that the human sense of smell has a long memory (which means you leave a mark long after the date, job interview, or just a successful evening with the guys).

“Use a scent that makes you feel desirable, like perfumes containing deep fragrance notes parallel to pheromones, for example, vanilla, jasmine, patchouli, or musk,” asserts Rinat Aviv, training manager at the fragrance network Beyond Skin by Lilit Cosmetics. “Perfumes with high concentrations of oils such as wood, citrus oils, almond oils, enhance the fragrance and allow it to be more present on the skin. Sweating? Pay attention that there are elements that, when combined with sweat glands, create a repulsive odor to the environment, while notes like citrus oils tend to blend naturally for a fresh feeling.”

By the way, this is the only time more or less that it’s not recommended to rub. The perfume (!) on the skin (!!). The best way not to overdo it with the scent is to spray a bit in hot areas of the body, behind the ears, inside the elbows, on the chest, and even on the nape. “Scent molecules love oily bases or ‘hot’ areas where blood flow is increased. Dark areas, like the masculine chest area rich in hair follicles and sebaceous glands, are a perfect place for diffusion,” reveals Aviv. “Before the perfume, try to moisturize the skin with a cream or neutral body oil, allowing the scent molecules to remain on the body for a longer time. And before you leave the house, spray at a 45-degree angle into the air and walk into the cloud. Good luck, fragrance enthusiasts.”

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